• Private Lesson Factor

    Don’t feel comfortable in a group environment? Or, want individualized attention to excel quicker?  We have personal training sessions available for you. Please see our special pricing for private lessons.  

    Private Lesson Factor
  • Kids MMA Factor

    This is our entry level program for kids looking to get started in the real deal.  Your child will learn discipline, Muay Thai & Boxing techniques, and gradually move on from there based on ability.  This is a more current alternative to Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Our kids’ classes meet: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4.00… [Continue Reading]

    Kids MMA Factor
  • Self Defense Factor Training Program

    Nervous about walking to your car at night?  Want to be able to defend yourself from that “crazy” person on the street?  If you’ve ever felt defenseless or that you could not defend yourself if needed, this is the class for you.  Coach Latu will teach you all of the secret defense techniques he learned… [Continue Reading]

    Self Defense Factor Training Program
  • MMA Fit Factor Training Program

    This is our MMA answer to cross training and conditioning.  Train like a pro and look like one too! If you want to get in shape in a 30-60 min session, this is for you.  We are all super busy these days, whether with work, school, or even taking care of your family.  If you… [Continue Reading]

    MMA Fit Factor Training Program
  • Ultimate MMA Factor Training Program

    So you want to be a well rounded fighter or just know how to fight? This is similar to the “all you can eat buffet.”  Includes every program we offer:  Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Sambo, Catch Wrestling, MMA Fit Factor (Conditioning), Self-Defense Factor, Kids MMA.  Come down and meet with a coach to figure… [Continue Reading]

    Ultimate MMA Factor Training Program

Christmas Cage – Because No Kid Should Just Get Deodorant For Christmas

Hi Everyone!  Season’s Greetings!


Thank you for visiting our site regarding our Christmas Cage event now up through Christmas.  Please watch the video below and help us out.  It’s SHOCKING what is going on in our own communities.  We can help so many kids this year.

As an added bonus, we will list your name and/or business below as a contributor to the cause. If you have a website that you’d like us to link to, we will do it.  Or, if you’d like to stay anonymous that is cool as well.  It’s about the kids not getting just deodorant for the holidays!

Here’s how you can help:

1.)  Bring a toy, gift, clothing, food, or money donation down to our fitness facility at 10345 Nations Ford Rd, Suite C, Charlotte, NC 28273 (We are located in the Velocity Sports Training Complex).

2.) Mail a donation, toy, gift, etc. to the above address listed in #1 and mail it to Shock Factor MMA, c/o Mike Moulton.

3.) Donate any amount below via the PayPal and we’ll buy a toy for you and put it in the cage!  Most folks have been giving $10, $25, $50, or $100 donations.  Coach John and I will personally go shopping for these toys and publish some videos and pictures of the events as we do it!


1.) Bee Home Solutions, Inc. – The creative real estate firm
2.) Eagle Eye Security
3.) Anonymous donator
4.) Anonymous donator
5.) A&J Rentals
6.) Anonymous donator
7.) Anonymous donator
8.) Anonymous donator
9.) Anonymous donator
10.) Anonymous donator
11.) Anonymous donator
12.) Anonymous donator
13.) Kacy and Ernie Prather
14.) Bio Dry Services

Woody and Wilcox Interview Ken Shamrock – Shock Factor MMA Grand Opening Charlotte NC

Here is a great interview that the morning show of Woody and Wilcox from 106.5 WEND did with Ken Shamrock for the Shock Factor MMA facility grand opening. It was a great weekend of events.  There is some really funny content in this interview that I know you wouldn’t want to miss!

Shock Factor MMA’s Head coach John “Savage” Latu and Ken Shamrock used to train together back in the day in Charlotte where both of them got their start.  Both of them went on to professional wrestling and MMA careers with the WWF and UFC respectively.  Coach Latu is now the head coach at our facility.

Be sure to come by and checkout all of our fitness and training programs.

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