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Welcome to the Shock Factor MMA team!  Did you know that the BEST way to get into shape, have fun, and achieve your fitness goals is to train like a Mixed Martial Arts fighter?  That’s right, you can do this with us without having to even take a punch. :-)    Our MMA Fit Factor workout is comprised of cross fitness & conditioning and specific martial arts movements & training exercises thus allowing you to achieve results quickly and efficiently.  Coach John Latu uses his veteran UFC experience to whip you into shape in no time flat, all in a new, fun way to workout!

So, to CLAIM your 2 free training sessions, just click on the orange “CLAIM” button below and you will be directed to the 2 free class coupons!  We appreciate you helping us spread the word. Thanks for helping us grow and we really look forward to seeing you in our cutting edge training facility (once you see it, you’ll understand why all the pro athletes in the area train here). It’s fun for Women, Men and Kids!
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